Help and Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. How can such simple things like Garlic, Haldi, Ginger, Karela, Garlic and Lemon treat so many diseases ?

What makes us think that we need something unheard of to treat our disease? The ingredients that are being used at Organic Life are nothing peculiar or foreign to our senses. True, they are available at our homes. But if you have a heart blockage or a high level of cholesterol, then there is a big difference in putting garlic in a gravy (Shahi Paneer) and consuming garlic by extracting its juice from Molecular Technology, heating it up to concentrate and adding it with other supplements to bring the required relief.

Whether you have Arthritis, Sinus, Tonsils, Diabetes or Kidney Stones, there are two simple (and similar) processes that your body must go through in order to heal. They are

Detoxification: Wherein your body flushes out all the toxins from the body. Like cleaning your room of all the dust.

Supplementation: So your room is now clean and clear, it looks fresh too. But it’s empty. To be able to make it look good and smell fresh, you need to add some value – furniture and other essentials – to it. Just like that after emptying the body of the toxins, you need proper supplementation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins.

It doesn’t matter whether your room had a foul smell, dust, unnecessary items (Arthritis, Sinus, Tonsils, and Diabetes), the point is you have cleaned them all together (Uric acid, Bad cholesterol, Bacteria, Virus) and now, you are better equipped to deal with a disease. Organic Life’s products are food supplements that work on both these process, which is why people start getting better after using them.

2Q. What are food supplements ?
Food Supplements are products that contain the essential nutrition which is otherwise lacking in your diet. They are not a replacement of your diet – they are diet. You are not getting the required nutrition from your diet and hence you are smart enough to take nutrition, so that you don’t fall sick in the first place. Today, we live in an environment in which if we don’t take supplements, we would rather end up taking medicines or harmful drugs.
3Why do I need food supplements ? I eat nutritious and healthy food already. Aren’t healthy diet, fresh fruits & vegetables enough ?
We eat food that is certainly less nutritious than what our grandparents ate. Today, vegetables and fruits go through a series of pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals that make them grow overnight. The soil is almost ripped of the nutrients. Every day, we hear stories of vegetables being grown on sewage water. A lot of what we eat has been through mutation. For example, cauliflower is a vegetable which was available only in winters but as the demand grew in Chinese food; it is now becoming available against the weather – all round the year! So you may take pride in the fact that you are not a junk food person, but you still lack nutrition given the food is not giving you what it is meant to give.
4Why do I need food supplements ? I eat nutritious and healthy food already. Aren’t healthy diet, fresh fruits & vegetables enough ?
We eat food that is certainly less nutritious than what our grandparents ate. Today, vegetables and fruits go through a series of pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals that make them grow overnight. The soil is almost ripped of the nutrients. Every day, we hear stories of vegetables being grown on sewage water. A lot of what we eat has been through mutation. For example, cauliflower is a vegetable which was available only in winters but as the demand grew in Chinese food; it is now becoming available against the weather – all round the year! So you may take pride in the fact that you are not a junk food person, but you still lack nutrition given the food is not giving you what it is meant to give.
5Q. Who takes food supplements ?
Actors, Businessmen, Doctors, Politicians, People who travel a lot, and anyone who understand the value of health takes a variety of supplements.
6Q. How long do I need to take these supplements ? Won’t I become addictive to it ?
Can you ever become addicted to food? We eat food every day but we never say food is an addiction. Similarly taking food supplements daily should not be misinterpreted as an addiction as they boost your immunity. And of course we can take them every day, as our body requires nutrients regularly, which are not there in our Diet. Even if we stop taking supplements, they don’t have any side-effects on body. Nutrition is your right. It’s good as long as you take them. Though, you won’t become addicted to it.
7Q. I hate going to the medical doctor and trust only herbal products ?
We strongly value the opinion of allopathic doctors and want you to talk to them in case your problem is serious. For suppose, if you are fed up of mosquitoes and the diseases they spread, then an allopathic treatment will kill the mosquito right away. But what a herbal treatment will do is - it will kill the “environment in which mosquitoes are born”. Herbal treatments clear the problem from the root cause. But sometimes, when the situation is quite serious, it is mindful to first kill the mosquitoes right away rather than taking the time to go to the root of the problem. If your heart has a 100% blockage, it is better to get an angioplasty done and then take our supplement so that it doesn’t happen again. We hope you got the point.
8Q. I must use one bottle of Organic Life and then decide whether I should actually continue it ?
How long have you had the disease? Sometimes, people have diabetes since 8-10 years and expect a sea change in their health in just a week. Please understand that we provide herbal products and not allopathic medicines. They take some time, at least 2-3 months to reflect relief.
9Q. Do the products of Organic Life have any medical mention ?

Some top doctors have revealed that the combination of garlic, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar and honey is a wonderful drug that can cure everything from Cancer to Arthritis, and makes you lose extra body fat and weight. Experts have verified that this health restoring trick can wipe both our common & not so common ailments. In a study of arthritis Dr. Angus Peter of the University of Edinburgh's Arthritic Research institute found a daily dose of this combination reduced pain by 90%.

The boxing legend Muhammad Ali took a daily dose of this potion to fight the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and many other athletes are heard to be taking it for having a competitive edge. Some even call apple cider vinegar a natural arthritis tonic that frees them from stillness pain and aches within just a few weeks, and most pain wrecked patients can pertain to normal activities because of this simple tonic. Dr. Han Len Tsao writes in China’s respected Journal of Natural Medicine, that "patients when given this miracle drink before breakfast showed a remarkable reduction in high blood pressure and cholesterol in less than a week. The Italian nutritionist Emilio Stefan adds, "Years of scientific investigation by experts around the world have proven beyond doubt that garlic, honey, ginger, lemon and apple cider vinegar are nature's magic potion that helps in a variety of diseases and ailments.

Houston's M.D. Anderson Cancer Institute in Houston, the Pennsylvania State University and ULSA, support earlier evidence that certain ingredients in garlic, ginger, honey, lemon and ACV block agents that cause cancers of the breast, colon, skin and esophagus. Dr. Erik Block of the State University of New York at Albany has discovered that garlic release at least 100 sulfur producing compounds all of which are powerful medicines.

10Q. Can Nutrition improve my immunity ?

Our body has the inbuilt capacity to heal itself if provided with proper nutrition, exercise & environment. Garlic lowers bad cholesterol, balances blood pressure and opens heart blockages; Ginger prevents cancer, cures digestive problems and reduces pain by 90%; honey contains 5000 live enzymes, 22 amino acids and 27 minerals; lemon is rich in vitamins, calcium, potassium and carbohydrates; Apple Cider Vinegar contains trace minerals and alkalizes the body. When the body is deprived of essential nutrients that it needs, it creates the “environment” of a disease that may range from chronic fatigue to cancer. But once the body is supplied with natural and organic supplements, it feels fitter to fight a disease and slowly overcomes it. You definitely need high immunity levels more than anything else to stay healthy.

11Q. What are the precautions to be taken while using Organic Life ?
  • All of our products have apple cider vinegar in it. Because Apple Cider Vinegar is highly acidic, you MUST always dilute it with water or juice. Do not include hot/cold water. Water should be at room temperature. When mixed with water, apple cider vinegar becomes alkaline. You can also wash your mouth after taking ACV to avoid tooth decay.
  • Also, you may feel less hungry after taking our products as they already supply you with organic nutrients. In such cases, please lessen your diet.
  • Avoid drinking or eating anything for 30-45 minutes before & after taking Organic Life.
  • Do not use Organic Life if you are pregnant, looking to get pregnant, suffers from excessive bleeding or are nursing.
  • Do not take Organic Life if you suffer (or have suffered) from Piles. Organic Life ACV can be taken, though.
  • Do not use Organic Life Daily Wellness if your Diabetic level is above 200.
  • Do not use Organic Life Haldi Cure if you also suffer from jaundice or bile duct problems.
  • Do not give it to children below 10 years of age.
  • Do not use Herbal Organic Life Karela Cure if you suffer from low sugar.
If your condition is serious please refer to a doctor. All our products are herbal and therefore take a minimum of 15-20 days to provide relief. A proper Organic Life course is recommended for a minimum of 6 months. However, at first, get yourself dose only for ½-1 month to know how your body reacts to it.
12Q. I have been taking lemon and honey in warm water since a long time but never had any benefits ?
Honey is never to be taken in warm water. Ask any naturopath and h/she will tell you the same. In fact, if you take honey in warm water, you may feel bloated or gastric. Your weight will definitely not reduce. Many websites promote taking lemon and honey with warm water not even knowing its side effects. You should ALWAYS take honey with plain water at room temperature, which is neither too warm nor too cold.
13Q. Do I need to make any dietary changes while taking Organic Life products ?
You DON’T need to make any dietary changes while taking Organic Life`s products. Though, you may feel less hungry while taking the product. In such cases, please don’t overeat and lessen your diet.
14Q. Do I need to stop my medication while taking Organic life ?
You DON’T have to stop your allopathic, homeopathy or ayurvedic medicine while taking Organic Life. We DON’T interfere with your health by asking you to rely on our supplements. As you heal with time, you can stop your medication, only if you feel up to it. Our products are completely natural and they don’t interfere with your other medicines.
15Q. Do I necessarily need to consult my doctor/physician before taking Organic Life products ?
Organic Life products aren’t a medicine. They come in the category of food supplements. The ingredients – garlic, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar, honey – in our products are same as you intake daily in your diet. They have known to cause no harm to anybody. But still, if you have any doubts, please feel free to consult your doctor.
16Q. Are Organic Life`s products natural ?
All our products are made through natural herbs with ancient time testing formulas. Each product is stringently tested for purity and consistency. Our products are registered through the Food Safety and Security Act, Govt of Rajasthan. All our supplements are 100% vegetarian with no artificial flavours, colours, and artificial sugars, aqua base or dairy products. We maintain strict adherence to quality, which is why we get repeated customers.
17Q. Are you doctors? How do you claim healing benefits ?
We AREN’T doctors and neither are our experts. All our products come in the category of natural supplements that have been researched and tested and have tremendous healing benefits. At best, you can try our products for a month to experience the change and continue as per your wish.
18Q. Is there any guarantee of the efficiency of the product ?
All our products are natural. They are based on a 4000 year old recipe that has cured many people’s cholesterol, heart diseases, diabetes arthritis, pains, BP, anemia, tiredness etc. If thousands of others have benefitted from it, why wouldn’t you?
19Q : What is Mother in Apple Cider Vinegar ?

Different from the refined and distilled Vinegar usually found in supermarkets, Mother Apple Cider Vinegar is made from fresh, crushed Apples and allowed to mature in wooden/stainless steel/Oak barrels, which boosts its natural fermentation qualities. When mature, it contains a web-like substance, Called "mother" that becomes visible when the rich brownish liquid is held to the light.

20Q : What is the Nature of Mother ?

The Mother is the dark, cloudy substance in the ACV formed from naturally occurring Pectin and Apple Residues - it appears as molecules of protein connected in strand-like chains. The presence of the mother Shows that the best part of the Apple has not been destroyed. Vinegar's containing the mother contain enzymes and minerals that other Vinegar's may not contain due to over processing, filtration and overheating.

21Q : Is it okay to eat/drink the Mother ?

The mother is the most nutritious part of the Apple Cider Vinegar and is very beneficial to digest. Often the ‘Mother’ settles to the bottom of the bottle. We recommend shaking the bottle lightly to distribute the ‘mother’ before dispensing.

22Q : Is it necessary to add Honey ?

It is not necessary to add honey to Organic Life`s Apple Cider Vinegar cocktail; just use ACV and water instead. Honey is recommended because it contains Bioactive properties, vitamins and enzymes necessary for the proper digestion and body metabolism. It adds health benefits to the ACV , but Fortunately the ACV has plenty of health uses and benefits without the honey.

23Q : Why to rinse mouth after drinking ACV ?

After drinking ACV, you should rinse your mouth with water because it might grind the Vinegar into your enamel in the long run. Avoid contact with eyes.

24Q : Why the Taste & appearance (colour) changes sometimes from batch to batch ?

The Taste & colour depends on the colour of Apples we select it is not possible to get same taste & colour as it’s in the hands of nature. Commercial manufactures add colour to make the appearance same for every batch.

25Q : Does ACV need to be refrigerated?

Apple Cider Vinegar does not need to be refrigerated as it is natural preservative. We only recommend that you keep the product out of direct sunlight in a relatively cool location.

26Q : What is the shelf life of ACV ?

ACV has an FDA required "official" shelf life of two to five years after the bottling date (found on the bottle), however, experience has shown that the product is safe, usable and effective for an indefinite period if kept out of direct sunlight.

27Q : What is the standard dose of ACV ?

The Traditional Standard Dosage of ACV is 2-3 Tsp(15ml) of ACV in 8 oz (250ml) of water 3x a day. First in morning on empty stomach avoid eating or drinking anything for half an hour, second half hour before lunch & dinner. Add 1-2tsp. honey to taste & instant energy (people with diabetes can avoid honey). People with diabetes can take 15Ml in a glass of water Before Lunch & 5min before going to BED to maintain their normal sugar levels. Please see our Dosage of ACV page for more information.

28Q : For how many days it takes to see results ?

In acute condition within hours & in chronic conditions 21 days to 2 months.

29Q : Should i stop my current medicine while using ACV ?

While taking ACV please follow below instructions:

  • Don’t stop your medications in chronic diseases like, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure etc..
  • Frequently check your health status and reduce the dosages (medicine not ACV ) if recommended by your doctor.
  • Keep a minimum gap of ½ hour if you are taking any medicines.
  • Never drink concentrated or less concentrated ACV.( 2tsp. in 250ml water is best ) Rinse your mouth 3-4 times with water. Don’t brush your teeth.
30Q : What exactly are the benefits of ACV ?

"An Apple a day keeps the doctor away, “a age long proverb, it is an effective natural bacteria-fighting agent that contains many vital minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, chlorine, sodium, sulfur, copper, iron, silicon and fluorine that are vital for a healthy body.


Helps Remove Body Toxins

  • Helps Promote a Youthful Body
  • Helps support a healthy immune system
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Skin
  • Helps Control Weight
  • Improves Digestion and Assimilation
  • Soothes Tight and Aching Joints and Sore Muscles from exercise
  • Soothes irritated skin.
31Q : How a highly acidic nature Vinegar can help our body as it needs alkaline environment.

You may already know that all citrus fruits that contain at least a small amount of Vitamin C are known as acidic fruits. When looking at food from a body perspective, we should actually look at the resulting pH “Ash” of the food after digestion. It may surprise you to find out that lemons are obviously quite acidic, but after digestion in the stomach they are actually very alkalizing.

32Q : What is difference between ACV & Vinegar which is found in supermarkets & Chinese food shops.

There are 2 types of Vinegar first is Synthetic Vinegar & Fruit Vinegar. The use of synthetic Vinegar (Chemical) may cause throat irritation/allergy in sensitive individuals. A second type of Vinegar is derived from fruits which is natural. Again there are 2 types in fruit Vinegar one is Distilled Filtered & refined which looks good on shelf but lost all the healing properties while processing where it is refined to control the smell & filter it where they remove the mother which makes the Vinegar look clear. Second is Virgin Vinegar which is used for healing purpose must be Unrefined & Unfiltered with the Mother should be intact (should look cloudy). Please see this image.

33Q : I have tried imported Apple Cider Vinegar pills but could not get any results.

A study that took place in 2005 focused on eight varieties of Apple Cider Vinegar pills and found that some labels do, in fact, give doubt as to whether they do contain the ingredients of Apple Cider Vinegar. The liquid form of Apple Cider Vinegar is ingested immediately, and gets to work on maintaining the alkaline levels in the digestive system.

34Q : Why your Vinegar is cheap compare to which is available on Internet in Costly rates.

We are the manufacturer of Indian traditional tonics & our reliable brand but our first aim is to make Indian society healthy and wealthy. Therefore we have kept the prices of products low, so that middle class family can also buy. “This sentence is silly that the one who is expensive will be the best" all are products are available with high quality.

Remember- The nature that we have given to use is what we are reaching you.

  1. We use Amber Glass bottles not cheap plastic bottles. the cost of Glass bottle is 4 times than the plastic ones.
  2. Amber Glass bottles help ACV to remain indefinite as Sun-rays are not passed inside.
  3. We provide FREE shipping all over India.
  4. We have to bear twice shipping cost than the plastic bottles as weight of Glass bottles make our courier expenses double.
  5. We provide Professional Support/Guidance to each Customers.
  6. We provide tools like Brochure Books, Catalogs, to Educate People.

Remember- Your body is temple where you have to leave in. You get what you and Your body Deserve.

35Q : What is 5% Acidity in Vinegar means. Is it means that i will get 5% acidity after drinking it ?

5% Acidity means the strength or Power of Vinegar i.e. how much Acetic acid it contains. Acetic acid is Active ingredients in Vinegar. Vinegar though is Acidic affects on body is Alkaline.

36Q : From where can i order Organic Life Brand Apple Cider Vinegar .

You can order our products by -

  • Contacting your nearest organic Store.
  • Ordering On-line.
  • Call us we can arrange Dealers/ Organic Shops near you or arrange a FREE HOME DELIVERY.
  • Call us on +907976832050 , 9116786873.
  • Online by visiting our website
  • Mail us on
  • We have CASH ON DELIVERY in major Metro cities.