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Liquid material is dispatched only by Surface (road or rail) courier, which is why it takes a maximum of 7 -8 days for you to receive the product, depending on the location being served. Next time, please order ten days in advance so that you get the product on time. When your order is dispatched, you are being sent a mail on your id or a message on your phone. This message/mail contains the name of the courier company and the docket no (courier tracking no), through which you can trace your order.

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If the product has reached your city but not at your delivery address, please contact the courier company’s office in your city. If you are still facing any problem, write to us at Or Call 9116786873
Note: You may not receive the message on your number if your phone has been registered under DND (Do Not Disturb). If you haven’t received the mail, please check spam.
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