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Associate with us to Help India to stay healthy & fit. India is on the way to become No 1 in Diabetes & Heart diseases. Organic Life are offering a platform where you can share our wonderful products to every family which not only provide good Health but also Good Wealth. Come on and join hands and participate in Health & wealth Revolution.

Dealer / Job

Every day, we receive of Many inquiry from people asking if  Organic Life`s products are available in their city. Becoming a partner with us is quick and easy. You don’t only heal people of many diseases but also get to have an additional income when you partner with us. The market potential is huge as Organic Life`s products provide a natural treatment for many diseases with no side effects.


We are looking for a smart bunch of people in many cities of India, who can join our team on a Part/Full time basis. If you are good at sales/communication/health advice, do drop in your resume  We would be more than happy to have you on board with us.

1Q. Do I need to place an order every single month?
You can place your next order as and when you like. You are not bound to placing an order every month. However, the acceptable minimum quantity is 40 bottles Of any.
2Q. Do I need to be a doctor to become a partner with Organic Life ?
Not at all. You just need to have an interest in making people’s life better and the basic knowledge of the product to partner with us.
3Q. I don’t want to buy a bulk order. Can I try a sample or two?
Yes, you can. But for that you need to buy the products online or offline at 20 % discount price. We sincerely wish that you trust the efficiency of the product before asking us for dealership. Here, we deal with ONLY bulk enquiries. For your personal health issue, contact our customer care.
4Q. Do you deal in credit?
We DON’T deal in credit. The amount has to be first deposited in our account, the two or three day of which your order is being dispatched. Once your order is being sent, we share with you the courier Company’s name and Tracking ID so that you can trace your order. You get the order in maximum 7- 8 days depending upon the location being served.
5Q. Do you provide dealership anywhere out of India?
6 Q. What is the general process of being selected as a Dealer?
Appointment as a Dealer is finalized only after the applicant has gone through Organic Life website in detail, know someone who has used Organic Life products and has benefitted, understands the usage of all prescribed products in their specified disease, the symptoms and causes of the disease and the precautions to be taken. The concerned person shall download the Organic Life book for the same purpose. Please understand that you will be dealing in matters related to health and wellbeing and hence, no laidback or casual attitude is considered while applying for a distributorship at Organic Life. We need to be sure that you know it all about the prescription, only after which we allow you a dealership.
7Q. How do I pay you?
Once you fill in the basic details that we ask from you, we share our bank details, only after which you pay us.
8Q. Can I talk to you on phone to discuss this?
We will send you a mail stating our detailed terms and conditions, only after your agree to which our team will get back to you on phone. Our terms stand non-negotiable.
9Q. Can I order a bulk quantity and invest a lot if I am allowed an exclusive dealership of your products?
We do not entertain any query for exclusive dealership. Please understand that we ship orders all across the country from our Head and Regional Offices and it becomes typically difficult for us to track which order is going to which territory or for that matter, a different dealer from another territory is shipping the order to another territory. A resident of Indore can buy a car in Delhi and transfer it to Indore at his own expense. So “Exclusivity” cannot and does not really exist at such a level. xxxx
10Will you transfer any sale/enquiry made at your Head Office to my territory?
Each dealer is required to make his/her own customer base through Counselling and Canopy sales. No sale or lead is transferred from any of Organic Life offices in India. These are world class Natural Tonics “Made in India” and their health benefits are far too high for anything else to be required to make a sale.
11Q. Why should I work to make a sale when you may allow another dealer in my territory?
Why are you currently doing a job/business when you know that others can ALSO do it and you know for the fact that you can be replaced? Why should you buy groceries for your home when in your absence, stuff can be still bought by others and nobody will go hungry for that matter? You shouldn’t be doing anything then.
12Q. Who can apply for dealership?
A. Doctors of all streams, alternative healing professionals, medical shop owners, healthcare distributors, NGO’s, club members, and businessmen/women who want to donate the herbal Natural products can apply. Please be informed that dealership of our products is not provided as an alternate profession for conducting business but as an extension for people who are already in the business of healthcare or feel deeply about it.

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